Covid -19 Update

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2 May 2020

 Update: Level 4 allows more items to be sold

Now that the country has moved to Alert Level 4, as an essentials business, we are now able to sell all products that we have in stock, as well as an extended range as winter approaches.

Beds, blankets, collars, leads etc. are now available to be bought and delivered. If it is in stock on our site, we will be able to sell and delivery will be possible over this time period.

Together with our partners in our supply chain we are providing our people with practical guidance and tools to protect and reassure them, our customers and the wider community. 

 Whilst we are taking precautions and doing some things a little differently our deliveries are running smoothly throughout the country.

Herewith some of the measures that are being implemented.

No Contact delivery

When our Couriers arrive at your delivery address, they have been instructed to ring the bell/knock on the door and stand back at a safe distance (2metres). The Courier will place the item at your door and wait for you to answer.


All Couriers vehicles are in the process of undergoing a "Deep clean".

Couriers have been instructed to sanitise all touchpoints in the vehicles frequently.

All Couriers will be carrying sanitisers and wipes to frequently sanitise their hands and scanners.

All couriers and depot staff have been educated in respect of the Coronavirus, the symptoms, how it spreads and prevention. 

How can you help?

Please remember to wash your hands regularly before and after receiving a delivery or handing over a Pickup.

Please avoid direct contact with the couriers such as handshakes.

Our country is resilient by nature and by supporting one another we could emerge from this as a Nation more united and strengthened than ever before.

Be safe !

The PawsOnline Team