Jolly Moggy Silvervine Twitchy Teaser

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If your cat has decided that catnip is so last season - then spruce up their lives with the Silvervine Twitchy Teaser cat wand.

Improve your cat’s physical and mental health, keep them busy, get them moving and have loads and loads of fun in the process! This cat wand is ideal for interactive play, infused with Silvervine (stronger than catnip) with a soft plush exterior for that prey look and feel, and needless to say - they’re bound to fall in love at first swat.

  • Non - toxic plant based toy
  • Perfect for all cats to swat and enjoy
  • Contains Silvervine (a natural, more intense alternative to catnip)
  • Activates their natural hunting instincts with its plush exterior for a more realistic “prey-like” feel
  • Encourages healthy exercise in cats and inside the home
  • Helps to build the bond between pet and pet-parent

Grown in Japan, this non-toxic and very natural herb is a much more intense (and longer lasting) alternative to catnip. Silvervine inspires those inner tigers and raging clowns to come to life for approximately five to twenty minutes. It’s a hoot, all the rage and definitely worth a try!

35 cm x 11 cm

The Jolly Moggy Silvervine Twitchy Teaser is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

Inventory Last Updated: May 27, 2022