Olympic Professional Puppy (Small to Medium Breed) Dog Food

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Your puppy has special nutritional needs. Rest assured that you can meet all your pup’s dietary requirements, effortlessly. 

Precious pups need higher protein, fat and energy levels for optimal growth and development. OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL PUPPY offers just that, with the added peace of mind of gastrointestinal sensitivity control. OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL PUPPY is the smart choice for small to medium-sized dogs.

For small to medium breed puppies, with special attention to growth and development. Ideal calcium and phosphorous ratios to maintain bone and cartilage health.
All-natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, making it 100% balanced and nutritionally complete.
OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL PUPPY is a sensitivity-controlled formula as it has no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and contains no soy, pork, beef or fish meal. Poultry (made up of chicken, turkey and duck only) is its only source of animal protein.
DHA is a natural source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.
Beet pulp is a prebiotic and is a source of both fermentable and non-fermentable fibre.
Inulin is a prebiotic and reduces offensive faecal odour while assisting in modulating intestinal irregularities.
Zeolite increases digestive safety, absorbs toxic agents in the gastrointestinal tract, reduces flatulence, as well as improving the odour and consistency of stools.


Protein 27%, Moisture 10%, Fat 13%, Fibre 1.5%, Ash 5%, Calcium 1.28%, Phosphorus 1.0%, Ca:P ratio 1.2:1, Linoleic acid 2.0%, DHA 0.05%, Omega-6:3 ratio 5 – 5 :1, Vitamin A 18 400 iu/kg, Vitamin B complex 140 mg/kg.

Feeding guidelines

Expected adult weight (kg) 1.5 – 3 months 4 – 5 months 6 – 8 months 8 – 11 months 1 – 2 years
Toy 1.5 – 6 70 – 100 g 70 – 100 g 70 – 100 g FEED AS ADULT
Small 6 – 9 70 – 130 g 105 – 150 g 70 – 130 g 150 – 170 g 150 – 180 g
Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Olympic Professional Puppy (Small to Medium Breed) Dog Food.

Inventory Last Updated: May 27, 2022

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