Petstages® Bully Chew

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ODOUR FREE: All flavour with virtually no bully stick stink! Petstages Bully Chew dog chew toy is packed with real Bully Stick Flavour and was made to keep your dog satisfied without the all the smell the bully stick brings.

MADE TO LAST: Unlike traditional bully sticks, the Petstages Bully Chew is made to last! Filled with bully stick flavour and layers of chewing fun, your dog can chew longer and harder with this new and improved dog chew toy.

NO BULL ABOUT IT: We took out all the dangerous things you don’t want your dog chewing on like lead and phthalates so you and your dog can enjoy a better bully stick.

SIZE MATTERS: From small to large, we’ve crafted each Bully Stick for a great fit for your dog’s mouth and paws.

On the fence about this Petstages® Bully Chew? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: May 27, 2022