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A little extra love goes a long way - soothe your cat with the Purr Pillow Cat Toy. Touch activated, the pur lasts 2minutes providing your dearest cat-child with familiar purring sounds, love and comfort. This cat toy has a soft purple cozy exterior, perfect for your cat the snuggle and cuddle with. 

The Purple Purr Pillow Cat Toy is GREAT for kittens, cats of all ages, travelling cats, anxious cats, cats stressed during storms or merely those dreading a trip to the vet, new cats being introduced to their new homes or simply cats that need a little encouragement to socialize. This cat toy is ideal for ALL CATS and is bound to improve your cat’s emotional well-being.

  • Purple soft and cozy exterior
  • Touch activated purr that lasts 2 minutes - providing familiar purring sounds, love and comfort
  • Soothes your cat through stressful events (storms/vets/travelling)
  • MAGNIFICENT for kittens, GREAT for cats of all ages
  • Perfect cat toy when introducing cats to their new parents
  • Encourages socialization and strengthens bond with your family
  • Provides a safe space and acts like a friend to your cat
  • Improves your cat’s lifestyle and emotional well-being
  • Purr mechanism can be removed to wash kitty’s Purr Pillow Cat Toy

21 cm length - (Head to Bum)
30cm length - (Head to Toe)
12 cm width - (Left to Right / Armpit to Armpit)

Washing Instructions:
Remove the purr mechanism before washing.

The Petstages Purr Pillow is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: May 23, 2022