Rosewood Salon Grooming Fine Comb

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The Rosewood Salon Grooming Fine Comb is suitable for short/fine coat types. It has an ergonomic handgrip which makes it easy to remove knots and tangles from your dog or cat’s coat.

Key Benefits:

  • Regular combing stimulates the skin’s natural oils that lead to healthy shiny coats
  • Ideal for removing knots, tangles, mats, and nits from your dog or cat’s body
  • Ergonomic handle and grip for style and comfort
  • Suitable for all breeds

How to use:

Make sure your pet is comfortable and relaxed, so both you and your pet enjoy grooming.

Allow your pet to either stand on newspaper or a mat to catch the loose hairs, or groom outside.

Run the comb through your pet’s coat applying no more pressure than you brushing your hair.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Rosewood Salon Grooming Fine Comb.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 30, 2022