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Having a puppy means wee-wee accidents will happen .Sprogley Puppy Training pads will help make it easier for you when those accidents do happen.

The Sprogley Puppy training pads has an attractant, making sure your puppy will use it when nature calls. Th pads are absorbent and help control odour .

Sprogley Premium Puppy Training Pads has 6 layers of protection:

Top sheet - tear-resistant.
Layer 2 - Quick-drying upper tissue
Layer 3 - Super Absorbent Polymer that locks in urine and neutralises odours
Layer 4 - Embossed Highly Absorbent Pulp
Layer 5 - Reinforced Heavy Duty Bottom Tissue
Layer 6 - Leakproof Plastic Backing with Anti-slip Adhesive Tabs


Maintenance and clean up is quick and easy
Holds up to 1.4 litres of liquid
6 layers of protection
Built-in odour control
Powerful Puppy Attractant
Quick Drying
Advanced Polymer
No tracking
Non-slip adhesive tabs

The Training Pads, Sprogley destined to impress, and priced at only R 99.99, for a limited time.

Inventory Last Updated: May 27, 2022